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"After a lifetime of building your identity within your place in humanity, to suddenly be told that you are a defect of humanity, and to know that you're not going to be the person you used to be, and that you will, at best, be able to get by -- it's life shattering. And the only labels you have to choose from are, you know, some form of a disorder, manic depression, bipolar disorder. And so you scrape through every clinical book trying to look for answers. And that's exactly what I did. I was, you know, peeling through these clinical books which were all these diagnostic, medical texts, where I felt like I was under a microscope with someone in a lab coat judging me. And then I come across her book." Paul Dalio, director of the film "Touched with Fire," explains how coming across Dr. Kay Jamison's book (of the same title) completely transformed his conception of bipolar disorder and allowed for his "rebirth." Watch the full segment at


"Escapism is important and nothing achieves such a medicinal self-forgetting than abandoning the self and imagining into the worlds and lives of imaginary others."


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Tips & Hints

  • Establish healthy routines

    Doing exercise and establishing healthy routines can help you to relieve stress and level your moods. Try to sleep seven or eight hours...
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

    Drinking alcohol can neutralize the beneficial effects of the medication you have been prescribed. Alcohol can also cause liver damage,...
  • Be careful with the medication

    People who suffer from bipolar disorders have to avoid taking medications that the doctor has not prescribed. Let your psychiatrist, nu...
  • Keep appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist

    If you miss appointments, you tend to lose touch and can start to unwind. It is a good idea for your support team to know what is going...
  • Master your triggers

    This is extremely important. When you learn to identify your triggers you are able to manage your mood cycles when they begin, instead ...
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