Overcoming Insecurity

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"Do you struggle with insecurity, fear, guilt, or discouragement? If so, you do not want to miss this new series, ""Crash the Chatterbox,"" that will help you overcome self-destructive thoughts with the promises of God. In this message, Pastor Mark helps us confront the lie, ""I am not good enough,"" and explains how our worth is grounded in God's love and acceptance. Listen and learn how to overcome insecurity!

This series is based on the book, ""Crash the Chatterbox,"" by Steven Furtick, and his sermon series on the Elevation Church podcast.

Speaker: Pastor Mark Reynolds
Venue: Shepherd’s Community United Methodist Church (Lakeland, FL)


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"The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned."


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Tips & Hints

  • Self Awareness

    Ask yourself what triggers your feeling of insecurity? Whether it is fear of loss, pain, embarrassment or rejection, find out what it i...
  • Laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine for the human condition. When you laugh your mood lightens up and it is said to help improve the immune s...
  • List your fears

    List your fears and conquer them one by one. Feel insecure when you are presenting? Take up a public speaking class. Fear of talking to...
  • Journal

    Write it down! Use a journal to record the successes you have in life. Record the mini successes you have achieved and refer back to it...
  • Set Goals

    Lack of direction in life can lead to insecurity. You’ll wonder what your purpose is in life and lower your self-esteem. By regularly...
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