~The Guide to Beating Insecurity: Alan Watts

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"This is an exceptional guide to the psychology of insecurity by Alan Watts. I could listen to this a thousand times and still gain insights each time. A fresh new way of looking at ourselves, and the world.

Alan Wilson Watts:
Born 6th January 1915 in England.
Interests: Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, Pantheism, Christianity,
Religious naturalism, Taoism, Theology, Eastern Philosophy.

Main interests from the above:
Personal identity, Higher Consciousness, Aesthetics, Cultural criticism, Public ethics.

INFLUENCES: Christmas Humphreys, Ruth Fuller, D. T. Suzuki, Timothy Leary, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell
John Cage, Jean Burden.

INFLUENCED: Monica Furlong, Seraphim Rose, Robert Anton Wilson.

Alan Watts, his Early Years:

Philosopher and Elite Academic ""Alan Watts"" was born in London in 1915 at the start of the first World War. He became fascinated with the Far East, and at fourteen he began to write, and was published in the Journal of the London Buddhist Lodge. He moved to New York in 1938 and then to Chicago, where he served as an Episcopal priest for six years. In 1950, he moved New York before going on to San Francisco to teach at the Academy of Asian Studies.
The rest is History!

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  • Journal

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  • Set Goals

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