Who is for?
Anyone interested in learning more about mental health or addiction issues or concerns

What content is on it?
We have lots of video channels for you to choose from together with hundreds of downloadable resources for you to read plus web resourcing; sign posting you to hundreds of web sites where you can learn more. Our aim is to be a great resource that helps you understand more if you have a problem, or if you just want to learn about mental health and addiction.

Who is behind it?
The ownership and administration of Have I Got A Problem is changing on April 1st, 2017, with further details to be confirmed.

How can I get involved?
Easy – add a comment to any of the videos and get involved in debate or information sharing. Equally, if you think you can help us in other ways, please email on

Can anybody watch and download?
Yes. However this site is not intended for anyone 13 or under. Anyone between 14 and 18 should seek parental guidance before using the site.

Can I watch it at anytime?
Yes. 24/7 online
We will be adding a mobile version soon

Does it cost anything to watch?
No. This is a free service for the community.

Can I upload content?
Not yet – at the moment all videos and downloads are selected by our counselling or editorial team