Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You're Depressed

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"Could you be depressed? Take count the signs that are true for you to get your depression symptoms score. CLICK for results:

Depression Symptoms Signs:

Sign One: Pointless
Nothing in life feels important or meaningful to you anymore.

Sign Two: Pressure In The Head
You feel a heavy sensation in your head. This may make you feel sleepy.

Sign Three: Avoidance and Isolation
You withdraw from friends and family and choose instead to be alone.

Sign Four: The Cage
You cannot express yourself. You have become quiet, shy and blocked.

Sign Five: You Disgust Me / Self-Hate
You hate yourself when you look in the mirror.

Sign Six: Self-Destructive Rituals
You engage in destructive behaviours like drinking, taking drugs or overeating, even with the awareness that you will feel worse as a result.

Sign Seven: Dicing With Death
You act in reckless or dangerous ways and don't care if you get seriously injured or die as a result.

Sign Eight: Life's A Bitch
You feel that the world is against you because so much is going wrong in your life.

Sign Nine: Unreality / Dissociation
You have the sensation that your life is not real.

Sign Ten: Words Won't Come
You find it hard to communicate your feelings to friends and family in words.

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