Ketamine detox is a simple task, but may be hard for the user who is undergoing the ketamine detox. Ketamine detox is the cleaning out of the ketamine from the users body. Ketamine detox is not nearly as painful physically as it is emotionally and mentally. The drug has a strong hold on the users mental state, therefore during ketamine detox the person must be supervised. If a person is not supervised during ketamine detox the emotional pain may become to great and the person could use again. Once this happens the process must start over again.

Being that ketamine is more a mental drug rather than a physical drug the ketamine detox is less painful physically. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the fact that the person is at no health risk during the detox, unlike someone detoxing from heroin. Another advantage is that the ketamine detox is short and the sooner the detox period is over the sooner the recovery can begin.

The mental aspects of ketamine detox are taken care of during the detox period and throughout the rest of their treatment. The user of ketamine has been creating an experience of consciousness perforation. This is when the person becomes displaced from their body. It is known as a near death feeling and also as a "k-hole". This can have permanent damages.

The tear in consciousness can be mended. This begins to occur during the ketamine detox. Under the correct supervision the person can slowly mend the tear.

Ketamine detox can be extremely emotional as well as mental and physical. The user has been using ketamine to create certain emotions. When the use reaches the state of addiction the user has begun to completely control their emotions with this chemical known as "special K". When the emotional control has been taken away the person is bombarded with the emotions they have been avoiding for quite a long time.

The difficulty of the ketamine detox can lead the user back to the drug. No one wants to undergo a process that can be painful and unpleasant, but for addicts it is a must. Without ketamine detox the treatment process cannot begin. Once the detox is over the users success rate heightens immensely.

Once a person has undergone ketamine detox the healing can begin. During use of ketamine a person can become distant from those they love. Treatment can help mend those broken ties. A person may have lost their appetite for life.


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"Ketamine lead to my recent psychotic break."


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