• What is Ketamine

    What is Ketamine.pdf   Ketamine is a club drug, and is more commonly known as special K or to the scientist ketamine hydrochloride. Ketamine is mainly used as a veterinary tranquilizer, but in the last six to seven years it has found its way onto the club scene. The recreationa More >>
  • Detox

    Ketamine Detox.pdf   Ketamine detox is a simple task, but may be hard for the user who is undergoing the ketamine detox. Ketamine detox is the cleaning out of the ketamine from the users body. Ketamine detox is not nearly as painful physically as it is emotionally and mentall More >>
  • Effects

    Ketamine Effects.pdf   At low doses, Ketamine is a mild, if weird stimulant. It is in the same class of drugs as PCP (Angel Dust), DXM and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). At medium to high doses, it becomes a very powerful paralyzing psychedelic. Its effects are like a combinatio More >>
  • Health Risks Of Ketamine

    Health risks of ketamine.pdf   Some risks of ketamine have only recently been discovered, for example it can cause serious bladder damage. In fact, it’s risky in a number of ways. • Because you don't feel pain properly when you're on ketamine, you can injure yourself badly and not kno More >>
  • Signs Of Ketamine Addiction

    Signs of ketamine addiction.pdf   Ketamine is a hydrochloride salt used as an anesthetic in veterinary medicine and certain medical situations for humans as well. In addition to pain relief, ketamine has hallucinogenic properties. For this reason, it has become a popular club drug that i More >>
  • How Ketamine Addiction Is Treated

    How Ketamine Addiction Is Treated.pdf   Detoxification may necessary in extreme cases of ketamine addiction. Detox programs are in-patient and address the body’s physical dependence on the drug. However, many ketamine users need additional therapy in order to treat the reasons that they’d begun More >>
  • Ketamine Addiction

    Ketamine Addiction.pdf   Ketamine is a drug that has traditionally been used as an anesthetic in veterinary medicine. It has also been used in pediatric medicine for this purpose. Not only can it relieve pain, but “Special K” has powerful hallucinogenic qualities. The ketamine av More >>
  • Ketamine Bladder Syndrome

    Ketamine Bladder Syndrome.pdf   Ketamine bladder syndrome is a fairly new reported side effect to K use, first documented in 2007. In the past four years, clinicians in Asia, Canada, the USA and Europe have reported treating young, teenage ketamine abusers who appear to have severe and More >>
  • The Dangers Of Ketamine Overdose

    The Dangers Of Ketamine Overdose.pdf   Ketamine (often called K or Special K) is a tranquilizer often used for medical and veterinary purposes, but it’s also used as a recreational drug. Ketamine overdose can occur very quickly, and can have permanent effects for the drug user that include: More >>
  • Dealing with ketamine addiction

    Dealing with ketamine addiction.pdf   While ketamine is not physically addictive, like other drugs, it is psychologically addicting. And the user will need more of the drug to achieve the same feeling as the first time. Withdrawal symptoms vary, but may include twitching, restlessness, cravin More >>