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Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Son Being Addicted To Synthetic Marijuana
On her first day back for season 7 of The Wendy Williams Show, talk show host Wendy Williams revealed a shocking revelation about her son Kevin Hunter, Jr. Williams told her shocked studio audience, who she affectionately calls her ""co hosts"" that she caught Lil Kev, with synthetic marijuana, a drug that Williams says he was introduced to by a close loved one that ""he looked up to.

Kevin Jr used a vape pen to smoke the synthetic drug and according to Williams, she was ""duped"" thinking that her son was on the right path. She told the audience, ""it was one of those pens where you don't see the smoke and you don't smell anything."" She continued by telling how he was ""turned out and went off the rail."" ""I was trying to make funny on the tour, but in actuality my heart is breaking, and my kid could have been dead.” Wendy said tearfully.

""We have always kept it real, me and you,"" she explained to a shocked audience. We didn't want to pump him with psychiatric drugs and all that other kind of mess. I'm glad to say that our boy is on the good side of good now.""

ChristineDoesDrama breaks it down...

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