Dealing with ketamine addiction


Addiction possibilities

While ketamine is not physically addictive, like other drugs, it is psychologically addicting. And the user will need more of the drug to achieve the same feeling as the first time. Withdrawal symptoms vary, but may include twitching, restlessness, craving to have more and even binge eating. It should never be had with other drugs or alcohol.

It has also been indicted as a date rape drug. Teens and women need to be very careful when they are at parties and not accept drinks and drugs from strangers or people they don’t know well.


Detoxification from ketamine

If the user gets habituated to taking the drug, even if not physically addicted, he or she has a problem. If the addiction can be controlled or gotten rid of in the early stages, it may not cause any long term side effects. But a heavy or frequent user will face many problems including kidney and bladder problems.

A user who is disciplined and determined can get rid of the addiction by saying no to further usage. Many people are able to stay off the drug for some time and then go back. For complete recovery it is better to go in for complete drug rehab at an inpatient facility so that you have the support you need. Outpatient clinics also exist and the user may sometimes be better of at an outpatient facility as long as he or she has family/friends or other emotional and moral support.

De-addiction also requires a change in lifestyle. If you do the drug and raves, parties, clubs, you will have to avoid those places and the people who do the drugs, so that you can stay clean.


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