What is Ketamine


Ketamine is a club drug, and is more commonly known as special K or to the scientist ketamine hydrochloride. Ketamine is mainly used as a veterinary tranquilizer, but in the last six to seven years it has found its way onto the club scene. The recreational use of ketamine began in the seventies but slowly slipped out of sight. When the "rave" scene became more popular ketamine began to be used more than it was in the beginning. There are many physical and mental health risks related to the use of ketamine.

The drug, ketamine can be ingested a variety of different ways. Ketamine is pharmaceutically packaged as a liquid. Once the drug user acquires the drug, they will cook it into a white powder for snorting. Ketamine can also be injected, sprinkled on a joint and smoked, or even swallowed. Depending on the desired effect is depending on how it is taken.

If smoked it could take up to twenty minutes before the user begins to feel the effects. The effects of smoking the drug are not nearly as desirable as the effects of snorting the drug.

When the drug is snorted it takes five minutes for the drug begins to affect the user. The beginning stages of the effects are slight euphoria and increased heart rate. Upon liquid injection the effects come faster and more intense.

The drug is injected into the muscle tissue of the user, never in the vein. What will then occur is the person will descend into what is called a "k-hole". This is a psychological state of mind that allows the person to separate from their consciousness. It puts them in a near death like state. This is the most tempting part of the drug. The overt hallucinatory effects of ketamine are relatively short-acting, lasting approximately one hour or less. However, the user's senses, judgment, and coordination may be affected for up to 24 hours after the initial use of the drug.

There are long-term damages being done to the brain when this occurs. The person can experience neuroses, mental disorders, and periodic separation from consciousness. The use of ketamine can lead to addiction. This addiction can lead to death or imprisonment.

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"The worst part of Ketamine addiction is it's slow drain on your soul."


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