Dealing with Insecure Teenage girls



Dealing with Insecure Teenage girls

Insecurity can affect everybody in all walks of life, but teenage girls in general seem to get the worst end of the insecurity stick. They are going through a time of great physical change, in a day to day environment with hundreds of other girls all experiencing the same thing, though at different rates, with hormones, politics, friends and school all to deal with. Here are some tips to help your teenage daughter/sister/cousin/friend.

  1. Keep an eye out for signs of depression. These include a loss of appetite, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, trouble sleeping, and social upheaval. Don’t ignore this behaviour in the hope it will go away, and tell her that it’s totally normal to be experiencing this emotional cocktail, and that it is all a part of growing up. Explain the difference between situational depression, which will come and go as life hits peaks and troughs, and clinical depression, which is a medical condition she cannot combat by herself.
  2. Talk to her. Discuss what is happening in her life; show concern but don’t be pushy about it, since it can be very difficult to open up about such sensitive emotional subjects. Building trust is imperative, since it shows you care, and will entice her to share more. However it does require constant communication and being available for her when she needs you.
  3. Try to help her think about why she feels the way she does, and what is causing it. Recognising what kinds of things bother her is important, as she must learn to deal with them individually. Girls are often just looking for somebody to talk to rather than to actually fix their problems, so making sure you are there just as somebody to talk to will be reassuring; it is important not to try and insert your opinions into everything. Staying quiet will reinforce the idea that what she has to say is important and valid.
  4. Discuss solutions to any problems, or talk about things which might make her feel better; however do not instruct or pressure her to do anything, and suggestions must be gentle. She must learn to develop her own ability to manage these situations.
  5. Change your teenage girl’s lifestyle – talking about problems will help as they arise, but exercise, sleep, a healthy diet and plenty of social exposure will help keep her happy and prevent any depression or insecurity issues.

A few final useful hints and tips:


  • Praise your girl for accomplishments and good work – positive reinforcement increases self-esteem.
  • Help build confidence by including her in decision making.
  • Foster open communication about all topics, including common teenage struggles like alcohol, drugs, body image, sex, friendships and schoolwork.
  • Help to foster a healthy ability to make decisions by weighing up the pros and cons, without actually telling her what to do.
  • Enrol your teen in a club or organisation that offers something she is interested in. Hobbies are good for socialising and taking risks.


  • Let these problems fester. If your teenager is showing real signs of depression then therapy or counselling are probably a good idea, just to make sure everything is alright.


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