How Can I Stop Feeling Insecure


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Feelings of insecurity rob us of present moment happiness.

We constantly feel threatened even if our external surroundings impose no danger to our survival. It’s the mind’s habitual tendency to fixate on everything that “can” go wrong that causes most of our insecurities.

Most of our negative thoughts start with a “What if” so and so happens. What if I get fired from my job, what if I get swine flu, what if my wife is cheating on me, what if i get cancer… the list goes on. We live in the prison of our mind created reality which is sustained by “what if” thoughts.

An existence full of worry and insecurity; what’s the point? But that’s the way most of us live each moment.

It’s impossible to convince anyone to not feel insecure, how can you ever guarantee that their life will be perfect? Insecurity is created because our future is uncertain and that’s a fact – life is 100% uncertain. There are no guarantees, so you have every reason to feel terribly insecure.

The truth is that security is a lie. There is no such thing called stability or security as far as life is concerned. It meanders along at its own pace creating and destroying at the blink of an eye. When you can’t know for sure, with 100% certainty, what will happen to you the next day is it not naive to look for security in life?

How to stop feeling insecure?

Embrace insecurity totally. Of course it’s easier said than done but this is the only way out of insecurity. You will feel secure once you are completely “okay” with the uncertainty of life. Then your mind will not hold you hostage with thoughts of insecurity.

Here a few pointers which you can use against your mind when it tries to frighten you with negative thoughts.

Embrace “not knowing” – If you are uncertain you are closer to truth than when you fully certain. The mind wants conclusions but life is always open ended. Get comfortable with “not knowing” and most of your insecurities will vanish. Have you noticed that the thing you are most certain about is what lets you down?

You can’t ever know what’s good for you. Just let live bathe you in experiences because that’s what this game is all about. When you are willing to soak, instead of resisting, life becomes a beautiful journey.

Failure is the best thing that will happen to you – Stop judging yourself on the basis of a failure or success. No success ever lasts, neither does failure. Everything in life is just an experience. Feel free to fail miserably, it’s the best growth experience you will ever have. After all, is it not true that success teaches you nothing while failure deepens you?

Obsessing about the future is just a waste of energy – Take no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought of itself – a simple yet profound saying. As Jesus said, “look at the lilies how they grow, they don’t toil and spin”. Plan your future if you must but don’t delude yourself that you can ever predict it. Be comfortable in the knowledge that everything works out for the good.

Nothing will last forever – Why do feel so scared to accept this simple truth of life? Everything that arises will subside eventually. All forms are subject to decay and death, it can be physical forms, relationships, businesses etc. Insecurity arises when we don’t embrace this truth. Life is all about birthing and dying.

“This shall also pass” – Just remember these words if you ever feel insecure about a life situation. The most miserable experiences have a time span for which they can last, and then they pass. Why not just look for the seed of growth in our experiences instead of dreading their presence.

Allow a deeper intelligence to guide you – Your mind is just a alarmist of the worst order. It filled with ideas of dread. It’s always expecting the worst and all it does is scare the hell out of itself. The truth is that you are not your mind. The awareness in which the mind noise arises is what you are in reality.


When you simply stay in silence you get in touch with your true nature of “pure awareness”. Deep wisdom flows in when you are in touch with this space. So when you feel insecure, just become silent for a while. The mind noise will threaten and shout, but you just stay effortless and silent. If you do this a deep intelligence will suddenly arise within you and either resolve your problem or give you the strength to cope with it.

Don’t run away from the pain – As hard as it might seem, you have no choice but to face the pain. If you run away from it, it will arise again and more strongly. If thoughts of insecurity arise within you, don’t shield yourself by taking the protection of alcohol, entertainment or food. Face it, become deeply one with it and be completely aware of it. You don’t have to analyse it. Just stay as the silent presence till it’s done with its play.

Write down your problems – If you are feeling insecure about a future situation, it’s very helpful to write down the exact nature of the problem. Just writing it down will help clear up mind.


You will be amazed at the various solutions you can come up with once you put down your problems on paper instead of twirling it around in your mind. Be very objective in how you approach the problem. If you really don’t know how to solve it, just become comfortable with the feeling of not knowing.

Live in the moment – It’s beautiful how life always takes care of anything that comes in the present moment. You have the resources, the strength, the physical ability and the intelligence to handle any situation that is in your present moment awareness. Yet we keep trying to solve an imaginary problem which we expect the future to bring in.


It’s tough, but very liberating to let go of this neurotic need to live in the future. Of course, to live in the now is not easy for the ego, because its roots are in the past and future. You have to be unattached to the noise of the mind to stay in the now.


Thoughts of insecurity will arise. There will be no stop to it. The mind by its very nature is always insecure. The secret is to be detached from the mind, and then its horror tales will not influence you. This is the only true liberation from insecurity.

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"Chances are that when someone is hating on you, its not about you at all. Its about them. It's their fear, their jealousy, their boredom, and their insecurity."


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