Definition of insecurity


Definition of insecurity

  • Feeling of not being "good enough" to meet the challenge of a situation you face in life.
  • Sense of helplessness in the face of problems, conflict or concerns.
  • Belief that one is inadequate or incompetent to handle life's challenges.
  • Fear of being discovered as inadequate, ill-fitted or unsuited to meet responsibilities at home, school or on the job.
  • Sense of not fitting in, being "out of sync" with those in your peer group.
  • Perception that life is unpredictable with most of the expectations you have to meet not clearly understood.
  • Sense of always climbing up a mountain, never being able to reach the top.
  • Sense of lacking support or reinforcement where you live, work or play.
  • Results from a sense of being unaccepted, disapproved or rejected.
  • Inner turmoil coming from a lack of direction or bewilderment as to where you are going, what your goals are and what responses are appropriate for events in life.

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"I always feel like they don’t really want to spend time with me, that they are just using me."


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