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"(TIMESTAMPS BELOW) Depression, stress and the pressure to achieve are everywhere in our lives. It's not only the pressure to achieve that lets us struggle and/or strive, it's also depression and the constant stress we're exposed to that can slowly but steadily lead to a decay of our minds. Depression, Stress and pressure to achieve are hard to overcome, but easy to identify. Max dives deep on the issues of depression, stress and his personal arch enemy: The pressure to achieve. A very personal talk. Depression, Stress, Anger... Max's constant companions.

0:00 Intro (how Max burned out)
2:00 Expansion and Contraction Phase
3:00 Finding the Balance
4:10 Leverage negative energy
5:00 Business Dinner with Nick and Owen
6:30 Becoming Instructor
7:30 Teaching First Bootcamp
8:15 False Expectations of Society
9:30 Education, Beauty misconceptions
10:45 Body vs Society
11:30 Objectification of Women
12:30 It´s not Pickup that´s objectifying women
14:00 Society is not tribes anymore
15:30 Imagination is why people are the leading species
17:45 RSD trends (ice cold player vs people who suck)
19:30 Why do Pua suck so badly?
21:30 Passive Attraction
22:30 False Anticipations
24:30 Everyone´s stifled
26:30 Stupidity of AC,Night Clubs etc
28:30 David Choe paints FB
30:00 Why do we suck so badly?
32:00 The utopian society of future
33:50 How we go to the gym
36:30 We became like chickens in the farm
37:30 Loop of Stimulation and Fear
39:00 stay at home mentality
40:00 People want to forget,
41:00 we are afraid of our own thoughts
44:00 Girls are worse off than guys
46:00 women are negatively reinforced for sex
48:30 girls are objectified
50:00 hot girls want to show that they´re more than just a pretty face
52:00 re-meet a 10 from past, Max is player now
54:00 we are all clogs in the wheel
55:30 Chappie the Robot
58:00 We get emotionally hurt
59:00 Game is weapon against getting hurt
1:00:30 Chasing Happiness through pussy
1:03:00 Stories from a psychotherapist
1:04:00 Comparing Advanced PUA and religious leaders
1:06:00 Girls care about being loved not cleaning dishes
1:08:00 The wolf you feed the most wins
1:10:00 Pickup is an emotional roller coaster
1:11:30 Life can be overwhelming
1:13:30 Price of Success
1:15:00 Completely burned out
1:16:30 Max´s growing up
1:19:00 Having to Achieve to get Love
1:21:00 Can´t nurture self-love without achievement
1:23:00 We are all searching for love
1:25:00 I still don´t feel complete
1:27:00 Live to strive for something
1:28:30 Loss of identity
1:31:00 If I stop running, will you still cheer?
1:33:30 Does Echart Tolle has game?
1:35:30 Hold on and let go
1:37:00 Plow through but listen to your body too
1:39:00 People don´t know how they are feeling
1:40:30 Men can cry too
1:42:30 We project better life on other people
1:44:30 You belong too
1:46:30 we are all biased
1:48:00 Getting news from FB and 9-gag
1:50:00 We don´t want to be in the real world anymore
1:51:30 We are addicted to internet

RSDMax is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating advice and personal development. He's traveling the world teaching men and women confidence and how to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Follow him on his passionate adventures around the world or get in contact with him HERE:


Outro Song: Paul Smite - Incubus"


"I can’t be depressed… I’m a GUY! I don’t have the time to deal with this mood. So, I swallow the pain and move on"


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  • Healthy food, healthy mind

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  • Doing exercise

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  • Sleep tight

    A good nights sleep is essential for any improvement in well-being. Aim for 8 hours of sleep if possible. Depression typically involves...
  • Positive Thinking

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