Natural Treatments For Depression

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"Natural Treatments For Depression

Some of the top ways to beat depression are through diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes. Use the following tips to combat depression for good!


Stay away from sugars, processed grains, hydrogenated oils, packaged foods, and artificial sweeteners. Focus on healing and sealing your gut by eating the following foods:

1) Omega 3—rich foods - Salmon,grass-fed beef, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, and avocado
2) Healthy saturated fats such as coconut oil
3) Nutrient- dense fruits and vegetables- Berries, green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables
4) Bone Broth to heal gut lining-


1) Vitamin D3- 5,000 IU/day or direct sunlight for 30 minutes/day
2) Magnesium- 500mg/day
3) B-complex
4) Others include: St. Johns Wort or Ylang Ylang essential oil

Additional Support for Depression:

1) Exercise- Serotonin release can life your mood in just 20 minutes 3 times a week.
2) Probiotic rich foods will heal and seal your gut.
3) Address and write down your stressors as well as things that bring you joy in life. Schedule in things that you love each week such as finding a good community and connecting with friends regularly.

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"I got a lot of "just cheer up!" and "walk it off!" but it never worked. People just didn't understand"


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