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"Drug Addiction -- http://www.noahammond.com Today, we are going to be discussing drug addiction and these subtle layers of drug addiction that most people are completely unaware of.

Now, this is something that I have DIRECT experience with and first hand awareness of from my own life and my own progress in the past three, four, five, six years of self-development.

Drug Addiction -- Where Does it Come From?

What I will say real quickly is we're not talking about heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, or the kind of drugs that we talk about in Dare Class.

I am talking about the subtle levels of drug addiction which most people do not recognize existence on their lives.

Let me warn you. The subtle layers I am about to name exist in ALMOST everybody's lives so don't feel offended when you are included in the category of people who I'm saying are dealing with some level of drug addiction.

If anything, what I want you to do is take this awareness to your life in any way that serves you for your own progress, healing, and success.

Now, what I see out in the world -- and what I have seen in my own direct experience -- is that most of our society is medicating in some way.

Whether it be alcohol and getting drunk often or frequently; whether it be marijuana, smoking weed every couple of days or everyday or all day everyday; whether it be videogames and playing videogames all day; whether it be food and eating things like gluten or sugary foods and tons of it or eating to make yourself feel better, or eating to make you feel some way, all of these things are subtle drug addictions.

So many people are being affected by them without recognizing that what they are truly doing is medicating an unexpressed, unexplored hurt deep inside.

How do I know this?

Because in my life, as I have CONTINUALLY dove deep inside and done emotional healing to release things that did not serve me, heal old wounds, as a natural byproduct, without any conscious effort at all, I have almost COMPLETELY stopped drinking.

I have completely stopped using any substances like marijuana. I have completely removed unhealthy foods from my lifestyle including for me, all animal proteins, wheat or gluten, and also processed sugars.

This was NOT a conscious thing. This was not:

""Yes, I am going to be such a good person! I am going to stop drinking. I am going to stop smoking weed. I am going to stop eating unhealthy food. I am going to RESTRICT myself.""

It was not like that at all. It was a natural byproduct of the emotional healing I was doing inside. What I realized is that if you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or smoke weed, you are just medicating something inside yourself.

Once you heal these things and develop the self-love and the self worth, you would NEVER want to partake in those activities anymore. You SIMPLY value yourself too much.

Why would I go get completely wasted drunk and inebriate myself and kill my body? I LOVE my body. I love being filled with mental clarity and capable of being in control of my actions.

Why would I go smoke weed every day? I am high on life.

Again, this is coming from a man who used to party like the rest of them, go out drinking, smoke weed all the time in College. Of course, I was not ANY different than you if those are some of your habits right now.

But, through the natural process of healing, of doing my emotional work, of taking on the things that were not where I wanted them to be in life, and making the conscious decision to self-actualize within them, to face them head on, to face my fears inside and to keep developing myself into a greater and GREATER version of myself, into as great of myself as I can be, through this process, it happened...

I stopped WANTING to drink. I stopped wanting to smoke marijuana. I stopped wanting to waste my time with things like videogames. I stopped wanting to eat unhealthy food NATURALLY.

So, the prescription for drug addiction is simply SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH.

I have videos on how to cultivate more self-love. I have videos on how to cultivate more self-worth. I encourage you to check that out.

Also, you should check out the video series on Mastering your Emotions, which will teach you the core technique and will teach you a deep understanding of your emotions so you know how to deal with the blockages that are built up inside that all stem from past life experience and things that happened to us that were, overall, a negative experience which caused us to create some sort of resentment or hurt inside and keeps us from living the life that we TRULY desire.

The overall advice is to recognize that in some subtle level, you are currently medicating DEEP hurt...

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Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond



"Once you start a task on Adderall — however trivial — you have to keep going. You have to make it perfect. You have to make it epic. You will binge yourself on the task at hand"

Annie Edison

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