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Teenagers take drugs in order to get some pleasure and relaxation. But there are many long term effects of these drugs. It is very easy to find the reasons of addiction like why people use it, why they involve in this poisonous addiction. It is related to the brain chemistry. The drugs that enter into the body start damaging the human body. Stimulants such as cocaine and heroin cause the neurons to release too much and damage the body parts like lever, kidney and even the brain also.

In this way almost all types of drugs over stimulate the relaxation part of the brain and filled with neurotransmitter dopamine. This gives euphoria which is a kind of pleasure. But with regular and repeated use of drugs the brain becomes tolerance. Teenagers start the addiction due to many reasons some are thrill seekers, some are curious, some try because of the bad circle. The national alliance said that about half of the drug abuser suffers from the mental illness and other mental problems.

Teenagers who are addicted suffer emotionally in most of the cases. They take it due to many problems such as self-medicate themselves, uncomfortable relationships with parents and friends, anxiety and many other problems. Using drugs never solve any of the above problems but it makes the life bad to worst. The short term use of these drugs gives more problems than the long term addiction problems.

Most of the teens addicted to these drugs, to reduce exam tension, family problems and the mental pressure. These teens feel always lonely and in order to overcome their lonely ness they like to take drugs. They are aware about the side effects of this addiction. Without knowing the facts and side effects they are becoming addicted towards drugs. Figures show that a large number of teenagers are getting into the grip of addiction. These teenagers are spoiling their beautiful career and also the health. From health point of view the growth and development of these teens are decreasing day by day.


Teenage drug and alcohol use in England

NHS's National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse released figures showing how many teenagers are being treated for drug and alcohol problems in England.

While the number of children seeking treatment for heroin and crack has fallen in the past few years, from 1,081 teenagers in 2005/06 (6% of the total being treated) to 657 last year (2%), treatment for cannabis misuse has remained steady; at 55% in 2005/06 and 53% now, it is the most common primary drug. Those primarily being treated for alcohol addiction has risen almost twofold, from 4,886 in 2005/06 (30% of the total) to 8,779 now (37%).

Use of harder drugs is low among under-12s; less than five pre-teens were treated for heroin or cocaine misuse and none were treated for problems relating to amphetamines, crack or ecstasy. Cannabis and alcohol are the most common primary drugs for all age groups, and treatment for hard drugs increases in the older bands.

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