Safer Drug Use


No drug is 100% safe to use. However, there are simple things you can do to minimise the harm associated with using a certain drug.


  • There is no way of knowing the exact strength of drugs you buy on the street, what you get is anyone's guess! Also, just because you have purchased Mephedrone online does not mean it’s ‘pure’; it could still be cut with anything. Take a small amount to start with and wait for the effects before deciding whether to take more. There is no guarantee how a drug will make you feel.
  • Limit how much Mephedrone you have available beforehand; remember, there will be a strong urge to re-dose and heavy and compulsive use increases the risks of severe side effects.
  • Avoid mixing Mephedrone with other drugs (including Alcohol) as this increases the chance of unpredictable and dangerous side effects. Mephedrone is often mixed with Ketamine, which can raise blood pressure dangerously high, and should particularly be avoided.
  • Make sure you are in a place you know and feel safe in.
  • Make sure you are with people you know and trust and let them know what you are taking.
  • Eat a good meal a few hours before you go out, having an empty stomach can make you feel sick and light headed.
  • If you are going dancing and using drugs like Mephedrone it's important to make sure you are hydrated and that you don't overheat. Try to drink (sip, don't gulp) a pint of water or soft drink every hour but don't drink too much as this can be dangerous. If you are feeling too hot, take a rest from dancing somewhere cool or get some fresh air.
  • All drug experiences are affected by the way you are feeling at the time. So try not to use drugs if you are feeling ill, depressed or anxious- it could make you feel much worse.


Come down tips:

  • Expect to feel rough the next day and possibly later in the week due to a hangover or comedown.
  • Reports of 3-4 day comedowns, with users unable to leave their rooms. If you know relatives or friends who may have taken Mephedrone, please keep an eye on them and make sure they’re OK in the following days.
  • Have plenty of water, juice, and healthy food available to help your body recover.
  • Avoid caffeine in drinks such as tea and coffee, as this will keep you awake and dehydrate you.
  • Don't be tempted to take more drugs to help with the come down; they may make things worse. Coming down is part of the experience. Be gentle with yourself and your body.
  • Have a quiet day, but please let other people know where you are, and if you’re OK.

If things go wrong

  • If you start to feel sick or anxious tell your friends straightaway.
  • If someone does start to feel bad, act immediately. Go somewhere quiet and try to keep them calm.

If somebody collapses

  • If someone collapses after taking drugs or alcohol, turn them on their side and put them in a recovery position. Check to see if they have anything in their mouth and that their airway is clear.
  • Call an ambulance. If you know what the person has taken tell the medical staff. They are there to help and this could help save the person's life.

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