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  • 100 Years of the War on Drugs

    Today it is taken for granted that governments will co-operate in the fight against the heroin and cocaine trade. More >> 100 years of the war on drugs.pdf  
  • 11 Facts About Teens and Drug Use in America

    A compilation of drug statistics from the States. More >> 11 facts about teens and drug use in america.pdf  
  • 5 Signs you’re ready to quit Adderall

    It’s easy to pat yourself on the back for the work that you do on Adderall. You get so much of it done, you’re so good at it, and everyone praises you for it. And yet, you’re not comfortable defining yourself just by the work you’re currently doing. More >> 5 signs you're ready to quit adderall.pdf  
  • A Note On “Enabling” vs. Positive Reinforcement

    If you are a partner, parent or child of someone struggling with substance problems, and you live in America, you’ve probably heard this word “enabling” (possibly many, many times). More >> a note on enabling vs positive reinforcement.pdf  
  • Adderall FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions about Adderall More >> quitting adderall faq.pdf  
  • Addiction

    The media's portrayal of a person giving up drugs usually focuses on the immediate effects of withdrawing from heroin. It's important to remember that there's often more to an addiction than the physical withdrawal symptoms. More >> Addiction to drugs.pdf  
  • Advice For The Family Of a Drug User

    Many families in the UK are living with a loved one who is using or trying to come off drugs. It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved, but help and support is available. More >> Advice for the family of a drug user.pdf  
  • Amphetamine - What are the risks?

    Taking ‘speed’ does involve risks. Here’s what it could do to you: More >> amphetamine what are the risks.pdf  
  • Anabolic steroids: the story

    The term anabolic steroids covers a wide range of drugs, but all of them are similar to the hormone testosterone and are used to increase the size and strength of muscles. More >> anabolic steroids the story.pdf  
  • Annihilation legal high leaves nine in hospital

    Police have warned about the use of a "legal high" substance that has left nine people in hospital in the past three months. More >> annihilation legal high leaves nine in hospital.pdf  
  • Are Steroids Worth The Risk

    Dominic has baseball on the brain. Just being good isn't enough — he wants to be the best. More >> Are Steroids Worth The Risk.pdf  
  • Been There, Done That: How Personal Stories Can Help Fight Teen Pressure to Use Drugs

    Over the last year I have been making an effort to speak with parent and student groups about the effects of addiction on a person and all of those associated with a person who is suffering from addiction. More >> been there done that how personal stories can help teens fight pressure to use drugs.pdf  
  • Benefits of Stopping an Addiction

    No longer depending on drugs or alcohol can seem scary and that is why it's good to motivate yourself by remembering what will open up at that point. More >> Benefits of Stopping an Addiction.pdf  
  • Buying drugs online

    The number of people buying prescription-only drugs online without a prescription or consultation is on the increase. But before you click the 'order' button, find out why buying drugs online is both risky and against the law. More >> buying drugs online.pdf  
  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. More >> Caffeine.pdf  
  • Coping with comedowns

    Obviously, the best way to avoid drug comedowns is not to take any drugs in the first place. But if you are planning a big weekend which involves drugs then make sure you're armed with the facts - including the risks involved. More >> coping with comedowns.pdf  
  • Cough and Cold Medicines (DXM)

    Several over-the-counter cough and cold medicines contain the ingredient dextromethorphan (also called DXM). More >> Cough and Cold Medicines (DXM).pdf  
  • Dealing with dealers

    Fact: drug dealers are out to make money, not friends. Here we look at options for reducing risks when buying drugs. More >> dealing with dealers.pdf  
  • Dealing with peer pressure

    Pressure from friends is the reason many young people start taking drugs. It is important not to let this happen. More >> dealing with peer pressure talk to frank.pdf  
  • Depressants

    Depressants, such as tranquilizers and barbiturates, calm nerves and relax muscles. More >> Depressants.pdf  
  • Designer Drugs

    Designer drugs are a class of drugs that are frequently associated with all-night high school and college underground dance parties commonly referred to as "raves," known for their dance music and drug experimentation. These dangerous drugs are created by More >> Designer Drugs.pdf  
  • Diabetes Week: Talking Diabulimia

    Seen as it’s Diabetes Week, we thought it would be the perfect timing to air the topic of diabulimia which sees type 1 diabetics target weight loss by deliberately failing to administer the correct amount of insulin. More >> diabetes week talking diabulimia.pdf  
  • Do you have a Drugs Problem?

    Each week thousands of people in the UK take drugs recreationally, and although there are potential long-term consequences, they are able to carry on with the rest of their lives without any problems. However, for some people, drug use can get in the way More >> do you have a drugs problem.pdf  
  • Drug Addiction as a Social Problem

    Drug addiction as a social problem is one of the most serious tribulations of our time. If we accept that fact that drug addiction is a social problem, then we are also accepting that it is everybody's problem. The responsibility falls on each and every o More >> Drug Addiction as a Social Problem.pdf  
  • Drug Paraphernalia

    Some people love their drugs a bit too much ('druggies') and far from making do with cigarette papers and a decent tune on the stereo, they need their utensils - pipes, bongs, rolling machines, knives and graters, pestle and mortar... More >> drug paraphernalia.pdf  
  • Drug use falls but laughing gas trend revealed

    The proportion of adults who say they use illegal drugs has fallen to its lowest level since records began, a Home Office study suggests More >> drug use falls but laughing gas trend revealed.pdf  
  • Drugs and mental health

    Recreational drugs, by their nature, mess with your mind - that's partly the idea. But sometimes, and for some people, the effects aren't that desirable. More >> drugs and mental health.pdf  
  • Drugs aren't compulsory

    The law aside, it's a highly personal decision whether or not to take drugs. Avoid the peer pressure and media hype and make your own mind up. More >> drugs aren't compulsory.pdf  
  • Drugs in the workplace 'widespread'

    A “million workers have Class A drugs in their system”, The Guardian has wrongly reported. The Guardian is not alone in making a hash of its reporting of an apparent 43% rise in the use of drugs at work over the past five years. More >> Drugs in the workplace.pdf  
  • Drugs On The Brain

    Martin Barnes of DrugScope and neuroscientist Professor David Nutt explain the results of research into the effects of recreational drugs on the brain. More >> Drugs on the brain.pdf