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 Stop and think. There is a well-grounded saying which suggests you: 'Hold your breath and count to ten' before you react and respond to aggravating circumstances. 


Walk away from the situation


Two good questions to ask yourself are: 'Am I so angry I can't think?' and 'Do I wanting to lash out and hit someone?’ If the answer to either of these is yes, then you need to walk away from the situation. If you can, tell the other person that you are too angry to speak to them at this moment, and walk away. Withdraw to somewhere where you can calm down. If necessary, let out the desire to take physical action by punching a cushion, or breaking some crockery if you have to. Shouting and screaming, or making some kind of angry noise where it will not alarm anyone, are likely to allow you to vent your anger it a less physical way.


Resolve unfinished business


Consider what the root of your anger is. Finding the answer to this issue is important for the next step. Are you angry because of something that is happening at present, threatening you, your life, your loved ones, your work, someone or something that you value? In other words, is your anger justified and proportional to the circumstances? Or is it that some of the anger that you feel is not really due to the person and situation that you are facing now, but to some unfinished business from the past? If your anger turns out to be more to do with the past than the present, then consider at length how to address that before, or as well as, dealing with your current situation.


A good way to try and clear up formerly unresolved issues is to talk it over with another person; preferably someone who is not personally involved. Once you’re clear that the anger is about the here-and-now, prepare to tell the other person that you are angry.


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"There is satisfaction in getting things down on paper - seeing my anger not in damage, not in a form that was hurting anyone."


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