Why Cannabis Should Be Banned

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"Effects of Cannabis on the Brain

-When THC enters the bloodstream through the lungs, it heads straight for the brain. There, it is attracted to certain parts of the brain that have cannabinoid receptors. These include Cerebellum, Hippocampus, Cerebral Cortex, and Basal Ganglia.

-When stimulated, cannabinoid receptors will have the brain cells produce something called dopamine.

-Dopamine is associated with the pleasure system of the brain, bringing with it feelings of enjoyment and happiness. Dopamine is also produced naturally by the hypothalamus and the pineal gland.

Cannabis and the Hippocampus

-The Hippocampus is responsible for processing and arranging short term memories before they are to be filed away and stored as long term memories.

-During the time of intoxication (and only in that time) dopamine alters the way the Hippocampus processes information.

-Cannabis doesn't damage the brain at all, it merely alters the production rate of dopamine. Is Cannabis Addictive ?

-According the the DISAS Report done by the united states Department of Human Health and Resources done in June of 2005 there were NO chemicals found in cannabis that are addictive.

-Can one become psychologically addicted to cannabis? Of course! just like video games, cheeseburgers, sex, reading, reading, football. Etc.

-What drugs and known for having chemically addictice properties? Tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, opiates, and anti-depressants. All of which are conditionally legal and can cause a lethal overdose. Can Cannabis Cause Lethal Overdose?

-""Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an LD-50. The LD-50 rating indicates at what dosage fifty percent of test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity. A number of researchers have attempted to determine Cannabis's LD-50 rating in test animals, without success. Simply stated, researchers have been unable to give animals enough cannabis to induce death. At present it is estimated that cannabis LD-50 is around 1:20,000 to 40,000 times as much cannabis as contained in one cannabis cigarette. NIDA-supplied cannabis cigarettes weigh appropriately .9grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of cannabis within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response. in practical terms, cannabis cannot induce a lathal response as a result of drug-related toxicity""

- Answer.......NO!!!!!! Cannabis's Effects on the Lungs

-Yes it's true, when you inhale cannabis smoke you are inhaling carcinogens equally if not more powerful of those in cigarette smoke.

-However, the average cigarette smoker takes 12 to 14 drags off each cigarette, smoking as many as 20 to 30 cigarettes a day.

-The average pot smoker inhales 10 to 12 times a week! Schizophrenia, Amotivational Syndrome?

-Cannabis has been accused of causing people to become lethargic, lazy, unmotivated and even schizophrenic.

-Amotivational Syndrome: Any drug used in excess, to the point of almost permanent intoxication WILL cause you to throw your life away, not just pot.

-As far is Schizophrenia is concerned, these claims are outrageous and not supported by any scientific research or studies. Imprisoned Cannabis Users

Every year, federal and state governments throw an average of 872,720 cannabis users in prison. 89% of these prisoners are non-violent drug offenders, who have no record of crimes against peoples or property. They are forced to live, eat, sleep, bathe, and exercise alongside child molesters, rapist, murders, and thieves.

The prohibition of drugs cost the U.S. tax payers 19 billion dollars yearly.

Pot smoker arrested every 40 seconds in America.

Every second, 600 dollars is spent on the War on Drugs.

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"I don't miss the fear that arose when I'm driving my car every time a police car hovers into view."


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