Derivations Of Cannabis



Marijuana is a tobacco-like substance produced by drying the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant.



Hashish, or cannabis resin, is derived from the unpollinated female plant and also known as sin semilla (meaning ‘without seed’), and has a higher THC content than herbal marijuana. As the female flowers mature without fertilisation, they continually secrete resin which coats the flowers and small leaves surrounding them. The flowers grow in thick clusters, heavy with resin. Hashish is produced when the resin is separated from the plant material.



The name skunk has come to mean any strong cannabis, but originally referred to a plant developed by selective breeding in the 1970s, which is the origin of all the skunk varieties grown today. Nederwiet is the Dutch name for a strong form of skunk grown in the Netherlands. Skunk plants are usually grown under artificial conditions, either under grow lights or using hydroponic (without soil) techniques. The plants can be intensively cultivated to produce a THC content of about 15 per cent, but may be as high as 20 per cent or more. This is very much higher than the content of ‘traditional’ herbal cannabis which is in the region of 3 per cent or less. As a result, the psychoactive effects of using skunk come on rapidly and people may be more likely to experience hallucinations and other effects that may be classed as psychotic.

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