Is Cannabis Addictive


Cannabis used to be thought of as non-addictive. Some people believe that its use is unlikely to lead to dependency, and that withdrawal is not generally a problem because it is stored in fatty tissues and disperses slowly over a period of days, thus suppressing its own withdrawal symptoms.

However, there is evidence that some people do develop tolerance to many of the effects of cannabis, meaning that increasing doses have to be taken to achieve the same effect. This is associated with withdrawal symptoms, including restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and muscle tremor. This leads users to continue to use cannabis, and therefore become dependent on it. These effects may be a feature of the more powerful types of skunk that are available now.

The number of people seeking help with cannabis use from drug dependency services has increased in recent years.

Does cannabis interact with other drugs?

Very little scientific research has been carried out on cannabis use in combination with other drugs. Possible dangers could include interactions with heart or blood pressure medications, or with drugs that suppress the immune system. In addition, it has been shown that a combination of marijuana with cocaine can lead to dangerous effects on the heart.

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