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Heroin withdrawal is one of the most difficult drug withdrawals. This strong opiate creates a hard-core “bond” with the user – and when this bond is broken, in can result in an uncomfortable adjustment period. And although very few heroin withdrawal symptoms are considered life-threatening, they still create great discomfort and oftentimes agony for the heroin addict.


10 Most Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin

#1. Depression. When an individual is going through heroin withdrawal, they often become depressed, as their own body lacks the ability to create any pleasurable sensations without the aid of heroin.

#2. Sleeplessness. An individual experiencing withdrawal from heroin may have difficulty sleeping through the night, often kept awake by anxiety, nightmares or restless legs.

#3. Cravings. Obviously, the individual undergoing heroin withdrawal treatment will experience strong heroin cravings without the drug in their system.

#4. Chills. The chills and/or goose bumps are a common occurrence for those going through withdrawal.

#5. Anxiety. As the individual enters into unknown territory (living without heroin) they may begin to feel anxious or nervous as they go longer and longer without the drug.

#6. Fever. Just like the chills, individuals may feel feverish when going through withdrawal. These symptoms tend to feel a lot like the early stages of the flu.

#7. Irritability. Even a friendly remark or gesture can “set off” the individual who is going through heroin withdrawal. The uncomfortable symptoms can lead many to grow highly irritable, even growing rude to friends or family.

#8. Suicidal thoughts. In the most extreme cases of heroin withdrawal, the individual may feel hopeless or lost. If not closely monitored, this can quickly lead to suicidal thoughts – and is the chief reason why these individuals need constant care and support during the process.

#9. Relapse. Sometimes, an individual just can’t cope with their withdrawal – and many times will relapse into heroin use during the heroin detox process.

#10. Lethargy. There is a great physical toll on the individual who is going through stages of heroin withdrawal. As such, the individual may become quite lethargic and apathetic during the process.

If you’re a parent and your loved one is suffering from addiction to heroin, it is crucial to get them the help they need. Contact a professional drug rehab facility in your area today. It may be the most important call you’ll ever make.

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