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Although there is no substitute for professional help, here are some simple and practical measures to reduce gambling:

1. Limit the amount of money you spend gambling

Set a limit from the start on how much you are willing to spend on gambling in a session or in a week. Stick to it!

Leave credit/cash cards at home when you go out to gamble.

If you use a betting account, ask them to place a limit on it - say £50 - this works for online casinos too!

On pay day, aim to pay all your priority debts first (mortgage, rent, council tax, food, etc...).

2. Reduce the amount of time and days that you gamble

Set yourself a limit on how many times a week you will gamble (e.g. twice a week) - be specific and name the days.

Avoid those "I'll just have a quick go" scenarios.

You can set your alarm on your watch or phone to remind you - even your PC will have a calendar reminder alert you can use.

3. Don't view gambling as a way of making money

Always remember that you are buying entertainment.

Always be prepared to lose - if you win, know that it will happen by chance.

Never spend your savings or investments on gambling.

Ask friend and family not to lend you money if you ask them.

4. Spend time doing other activities

Spend more time with family or friends.

Take up a new hobby or interest or revisit one that you enjoyed before gambling took over.

Join a social group or organise events with friends who don't gamble.

Talk to other about your worries or concerns rather than 'bottling' them up.

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"I used every dollar I could spare (and money that I could not spare) to put into the money-hungry pokie machines."


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