• Seniors and gambling

    Seniors and gambling.pdf   Seniors have lower rates of problem gambling than adults in the general population – however, certain subgroups of older adults may be at increased risk to develop gambling problems and because of the life-stage, the financial consequences of problem gamb More >>
  • Gambling Addiction At A Glance

    Gambling Addiction At A Glance.pdf   • Compulsive gambling affects 2%-5% of Americans, can involve a variety of ways and places to bet, and symptoms may differ somewhat between males and females, as well as teenagers versus adults. More >>
  • Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling

    Gambling addiction and problem gambling.pdf   Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder. Compulsive gamblers can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or their loved ones. Gambling is all they can t More >>
  • Signs and Symptoms

    Signs and symptoms of problem gambling.pdf   Gambling addiction is sometimes referred to as the "hidden illness" because there are no obvious physical signs or symptoms like there are in drug or alcohol addiction. Problem gamblers typically deny or minimize the problem. They also go to great lengths More >>
  • Treatment

    Treatment for problem gambling.pdf   Every gambler is unique and so needs a recovery program tailored specifically to him or her. What works for one gambler won’t necessarily work for you. The biggest step in treatment is realizing you have a problem with gambling. It takes tremendous streng More >>
  • Dealing With Gambling Problem

    Dealing with gambling problem.pdf   As you may have noticed, quitting problem gambling is relatively easy. It’s staying in recovery- making a permanent commitment to stay away from gambling- that is such a challenge. Maintaining recovery for problem gambling and gambling addiction is possi More >>
  • Self-Help Advice

    Self-Help Advice Gambling.pdf   Although there is no substitute for professional help, here are some simple and practical measures to reduce gambling: More >>
  • Support For Gambling Problem

    Support For Gambling Problems.pdf   If you have a friend or family member with a gambling problem, it’s only natural to want to help. The individual, however, may not be ready or willing to admit that they have a problem and may not want to discuss it. For this reason, it’s important to be More >>
  • Effects of Gambling

    Effects of Gambling.pdf   The Effects of Gambling • How did this happen? I can’t believe all the trouble I'm in. • If I stop gambling now, I’ll have to admit I'm a total loser. There's no way I can pay back all the money I owe. More >>
  • Rewards and Risks

    Gambling rewards and risks.pdf   You may have mixed feelings about gambling. Perhaps you recognize yourself in statements on both sides of this list: More >>