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"Infinite Inconceivability, a blog crammed with some of the most important, uplifting and useful information and videos (that I found on youtube) you will ever come across, no exaggeration:

Coincidences this profound do not occur accidentally: Two relatively short but packed videos with impossible but true geometric facts that strongly suggest the existence of spirit, specifically regarding Phi/The Golden Ratio and the Flower of Life, the latter of which has been visually produced for millennia throughout over a dozen major civilizations (trust me, if you consider yourself intellectual you will NOT want to miss this, as much as it is likely to confuse you):

Robert McLuhan's superb blog about paranormal and the fallacies of its 'debunkers':

The Witnesses of Bruno Groening, Irrefutable Mass Healer

Vietnam Vet's Experience in One Short Session of Tapas Acupressure Technique

World Bank Creating Poverty (intentionally), as reported on BBC by Greg Palast

Fake bin Laden: Fatter, bulby nose, ring, wristwatch, depicted as right-handed

Funny. Even mainstream news reported on the strange fact that Bin Laden was never indicted by FBI for 9/11, and they seem rather confused about it.

BBC: Al Qaeda Does Not Exist (I'm not exaggerating, that is truly the claim of this video, part of 'The Power of Nightmares', a documentary made by BBC's Adam Curtis who also made the award-winning 'Century of the Self')

9/11 Bomb Witnesses Supreme. Best witnesses ever.

WTC Building 7: Steel-frame building said to have fallen perfectly straight down (as from controlled demolition) due to fire alone. Over 1000 architects and engineers don't buy it.

9/11 FBI whistleblowers are blocked in their investigations

Size of the ""plane"" that hit the Pentagon doesn't remotely match size of the damage, nor the type of damage that a plane crash would cause

George W attempts to block independent investigations of 9/11, and even refuses to testify before the commission. And Lee Hamilton, the co-chair of the 9/11 commission, says ""We thought we were set up to fail.""

Retired Army Major General Albert Stubblebine III (direct on camera): ""Certainly, the stories that we're told all about 9/11 were false. The buildings didn't fall because airplanes hit them, they fell because explosives went off inside. Demolition. Look at Building 7 for godsakes. When you put all of it together, it simply does not match the facts. What is it they don't want the public to know?""

CIA nationwide drug smuggling operations

New Rulers of the World: The definitive, vivid indictment on ""Globalization/Global Economy"" and its history of genocide and propaganda, done by award-winning journalist John Pilger (who also did War On Democracy, The War You Don't See, Flying the Flag/Arming the World, and many others for like five decades now)

Witnesses say they saw Underwear Bomber (and they're sure it was the same guy) accompanied by a well-dressed middleaged man who told the airport security to let him (Bomber) on the plane despite having no passport, that ""He's from Sudan, we do this all the time"", to which the security agent replied ""You'll need to talk to my manager, follow me"".

Lithium proposed to be added to public water supply, because it has been shown (in cases where it occurs naturally in high amounts) to reduce suicide rates by virtue of making people less impulsive.

Students Using HeartMath (good news, not bad)

emWave2, the main HeartMath product

Fantab documentaries:
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes, The Living Matrix, Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What, The Day I Died (NDE), Donna Eden Energy Healing, The Money Masters/Secret of Oz, Prescription for Disaster, World According to Monsanto, Reincarnation Regression, College Conspiracy."


"Don't forget your sense of humor!"


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  • Spot the signs of an acute schizophrenic episode

    Learning to recognise the signs that you’re becoming unwell can help you manage your illness. These signs can include losing your app...
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

    While alcohol and drugs may provide short-term relief from your symptoms of schizophrenia, they are likely to make your symptoms worse ...
  • Take your medication

    It is important to take your medication as prescribed, even if you don’t start to feel better immediately. Continuous medication can ...
  • Have regular reviews

    As part of the care program approach, you will be in contact with your healthcare team regularly. A good relationship with the team mea...
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    Self-care is an integral part of daily life. It means that you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing with support from ...
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