Staying Safe with Ecstasy and MDMA.



Staying Safe with Ecstasy and MDMA.

Ecstasy is an illegal, controlled substance, with many adverse side effects, both in the long and short term, alongside the potential for dependency and legal issues. But, if you insist on using it despite all this, it makes sense to at least stay safe. Here is some information that users should consider and try to follow when consuming Ecstasy or MDMA.

What is MDMA?

  • Effects
    • Overall effects
    • Extreme euphoria and happiness
    • Decreased negative emotions, stress, anxiety
    • Increased empathy and urges to communicate with others


  • Other effects - Be aware of these so they don't worry you.
    • Feeling overwhelmed (just let it wash over you)
    • Jaw clenching (preventable - check below)
    • Eye wiggles 
    • Difficulty urinating


  • Info - Bringing people up to speed
    • Normally taken as a pill. General dosage: 100mg (depends on your weight, tolerance, and other factors though)
    • Effects: 45 minutes to set in (can take 3+ hours though - don't take more if you think it isn't working!), last 4-8 hours
    • Have you heard negative stories about it causing holes in your brain? These are false, please see the sources below.
    • MDMA does have risk, mainly in terms of damaging serotonin receptors or neurotoxicity with overuse.


  • Start smaller (no more than 100mg), in case you are one of the small percentage that is susceptible to liver/heart issues. 
  • Most common: 100mg per pill
  • Good dosages:
  • Small/sensitive people: 60-90mg
  • Most people: 75-125mg
  • Large/less sensitive: 110-150mg
  • Strong: 150-200mg
  • Heavy: 200mg+


Warning Signs to Watch Out For

At a sanctioned party, just let the paramedics handle everything. 

  • Note: Don't be scared to call an ambulance/go to the ER - they will not get you in trouble.
  • Hyperthermia (overheating): hot, dry skin. Headaches. Avoid by taking breaks from physical activity and staying hydrated.
  • Hyponatremia (electrolyte disturbance): cramps, spasms, nausea, vomiting. Sports drinks can prevent this.
  • Serotonin Syndrome (excess serotonin): generally rapid onset, often within minutes. Increased heart rate, shivering, twitching, ovverresponsive reflexes, extremely high temperatures. Avoid by being careful with drug interactions - see the notes below.
  • Hepatic Damade (liver toxicity): Be careful with interactions. Also taking silymarin (milk thistle) as mentioned in the supplements is a good idea.


Test Kits


Avoid Mixing MDMA With

  • Amphetamines are generally a bad idea 
  • Definitely avoid mixing with Cocaine, deaths have been reported, and you won't feel as much of the MDMA. 
  • Alcohol - being tipsy is okay, avoid being drunk. 
  • Do not take antidepressants (SSRI, SNRI, SDRI, SDNRI, MAOI) before/during rolling (e.g. Prozac, Zoloft - they can lead to damage and also greatly reduce the roll). Tobacco is fine (it’s an extremely weak MAOI). Though taken after you have finished rolling, SSRIs can ease the comedown. 
  • Don’t take 5-HTP during rolling - after rolling is extremely beneficial, but not during. Avoid 5-HTP within 12 hours of rolling. 
  • Also avoid: 2C-T7, 2C-T2, 4-MTA, Syrian Rue, PMA, Caapi, Ayahuasca (other than DMT base smoked), aMT, DXM, MXE, most opioids, Yohimbe 
  • Avoid with MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). Vital. Avoid the combination. (including Herbal drugs and Pharmaceuticals. e.g. Resveratrol, Methylene Blue, and more.

And remember that Ecstasy/MDMA is an illegal and dangerous drug, and that no amount of peer pressure or anything else should force you to try it.

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