Combining Ecstasy with other drugs


Amphetamine. Many party users like to take Ecstasy with half a gram of speed which adds excitement, while others use speed to dab onto their gums to keep up energy through the night and prolong the experience at relatively low cost.

LSD and Mushrooms. Some ravers prefer to combine E with LSD (known as candy-flip in the USA) or with psilocybin mushrooms, thus combining hallucinogenic qualities to the warmth of Ecstasy. This also extends the experience at low cost, as LSD lasts for about twice as long as MDMA. Home users often use this combination, particularly in natural surroundings. Home users refer to MDMA as a psychedelic amplifier or catalyst, enhancing the effect of psychedelics without changing their quality, although others experience that LSD loses its usual effect and simply amplifies the effect of the Ecstasy. Another use for Ecstasy is to avoid bad trips: once a positive mood is established by Ecstasy, the course is set for the LSD trip.

Cannabis. Ecstasy is also used with cannabis and alcohol at dance parties, and cannabis is widely smoked in the chill-out period afterwards. Although drinking has had a comeback, most users feel that alcohol drowns the effect of Ecstasy. Alcohol and amphetamine also taxes the liver and kidneys, causing dehydration, so taking either or both of these in combination with Ecstasy is likely to increase the danger of overheating and result in worse after effects. Similarly, when taken with amphetamine the toxicity is greater than when each drug is taken separately.

2CB with MDMA is a popular combination among home users in the USA. The 2CB is taken towards the end of an MDMA trip. As it takes over from the MDMA, the experience is subtly changed towards a more intellectual viewpoint from which some people find it easier to assimilate any insights gained. 2CB also has the reputation of providing the erotic component usually suppressed by Ecstasy. Some people also report that 5 to 10mg of 2CB with low to normal dose of MDMA will bring back the 'first time' buzz of ecstasy to long term users. More under Other Drugs.

Ketamine is also sometimes used while on Ecstasy for self exploration.


Dangerous combinations

Virtually no research has been done on dangerous combinations, although it is known that mono amine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) should not be used with MDMA. It is also likely that some prescription and over-the-counter drugs may have bad interactions when used with Ecstasy, possibly anti-histamines and cold remedies, while amphetamines and alcohol also tax the liver and the combination of these with Ecstasy may cause a bad reaction even though each can be tolerated on its own.


Prozac (fluoxetine) and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) reduce the effect of Ecstasy in some people, but it is widely used with or just after Ecstasy to prevent neurotoxicity. Animal studies show that SSRIs prevent toxicity, presumed to be due to preventing toxic metabolites from being reabsorbed into these sites.

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"I have been having nightmares for several months after only having taken ecstasy one time in my life."


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