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"Today I talk about how to help someone who self-harms. Now I know that many of you won't feel the need to watch this because it is not directed at you.. but please do!! And SHARE IT! I know that many parents, family members and friends want to know how to support those in their life who struggle with self-harm and if you feel this video offers up some helpful tips, share it! The more we all know, the better!

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So today I talk about 5 ways to help someone who self-harms.
1. Listen and don't judge! Obviously this can be very difficult, but hearing them, and letting them tell you what is going on is best. When we judge or jump to conclusions, we end up missing what the person is saying, and cannot help them in the way they need.
2. Ask them what they need from you. Often I find that parents and loved ones just want to know what to do and how to help. If we ask them what they need from us (maybe it's transportation to and from appointments) then we can start working together on it.
3. Recovery is a process, NOT perfection! I say this one a lot, but it is really important to understand. Just because they tell you about their SH, doesn't mean it's going to stop. It just means they are willing to talk about it and want help. Work with them in this process, it does get better and their urges to SH will go away (it just takes time & a lot of hard work)!
4. Check in but DON'T hound them. This can be hard for parents, especially those who used to be so close to their child, and now they are a teen and don't want to talk as much. However, it tends to be best if we check in once every evening, and let them know we are there to talk. They will come around, and usually more quickly because you are respecting their space and giving them the time they need.
5. Lastly, work with them! It only helps our recovery process when we have friends and family working with us and helping us practice using our tools. Honestly, I find that clear communication helps all! So just speaking more clearly and honestly, instead of stuffing how you feel, will reap amazing results! Honest!
So let's share this! Let's help other better understand the process of recovery. Together we can help each other grow and work towards healthy minds and healthy bodies! xox



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"My parents found out and that’s when I stopped self-harming. When I saw my parents cry, that’s when it hit me that I’m not just hurting myself; but I’m hurting other people."


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