10+ Facts About Cutting & Self-Harm

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"Self-harm is to cutting as bread is to raisin bread. Cutting is a specific type of self-harm that some people take part in because they're mentally ill, or by definition crazy as established in this video using literal factual definitions.

Crazy doesn't have to be permanent, people can get help, problem is, your willingness to get help means you're slightly sane, and a lot of people who harm themselves are nowhere near sane so the cycle continues.

If you cut yourself, if you generally self harm, I do hope you get help. Whether help is at a mental asylum, a psychiatrists office or even talking to your friends/family, help is help. Get it.

Please Google your local institutions to find out more info.

Free/Anonymous Help, GET IT:
Chat anonymously with an Active Listener: 7 Cups of Tea
Live Chats: crisischat.org (2pm-2am ET) or imalive.org

National Eating Disorders Association or 1--800--931--2237

S.A.F.E. Alternatives for Stopping Self Abuse or 1--800-DONT-CUT (366--8288)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or 1--800--273-TALK (8255) or en Espanol

The Trevor Project (LGBT crisis intervention) or 1-866-488-738"


"It's incredibly sad that so many young people are using self-harm as a way to deal with their issues and that many are suffering in silence."

Tulisa, N-Dubz

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Tips & Hints

  • Trust in someone

    If you’re ready to seek help for cutting or self-harm, the first step is being willing to confide in another person. It can be scary ...
  • Figure out what your self-harm triggers are

    Self-harm is most often a way of dealing with emotional pain. What feelings make you want to cut or hurt yourself? Whether it is sadnes...
  • Discover your feelings

    Having a hard time pinpointing exactly which feelings trigger your urge to self-harm? You may need to work on your emotional awareness....
  • Look for new ways of coping

    Self-harm is your way of dealing with feelings and difficult situations. So if you’re going to stop, you need to put alternative ways...
  • Build self-esteem

    Build self-esteem via positive affirmations. Write down things you like about yourself (or what others say are your positives), taking ...
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