The Love Project: Helping Heroin Babies Get Addicted to Love

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140 days ago

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"Heroin addiction is a sweeping epidemic in our society today. Every 25 minutes a baby is born addicted to drugs. This is why I started ""The Love Project, helping heroin babies get addicted to LOVE."" I want to raise awareness for these forgotten babies. Many times drug addicted babies have no one to hold them as they are going through withdrawal because their mothers are unable to care for them.

One of the best ways to comfort an infant going through withdrawal is to swaddle them. That's why I am asking for people to donate funds to purchase new, 100% cotton receiving blankets. I will take each blanket and heat-press a personal logo for each baby reminding them that they are loved. These blankets will be given to heroin babies in hospitals and care facilities. Blankets will be sent home with the babies as a lasting reminder that they are loved.

All money donated will go to the purchase of ""The Love Project"" receiving blankets for heroin addicted babies.

Please like and share ""The Love Project; Helping Heroin Babies get Addicted to LOVE."" Facebook Page.

Together we can help heroin babies get addicted to LOVE."


"I want to stop myself from doing drugs before it's too late. I want to get clean and turn my life around before I start taking harder drugs."


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