My Heroin Story - Explaining This Fuckery!

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"I guess I should warn you that I am the justification Houdini - drug workers find me ‘extremely challenging’, because if I feel that my behaviour is logical, there’s not much changing that. And I *do* feel it’s logical – for me, drugs are the lesser evil, and I really do not think I would still be alive today if I hadn’t found them; my mental illness was just too miserable, and nothing else helped. That said, as somebody else once claimed in the comments, I am not ‘anti-sobriety’ – if you’re happy and comfortable in your own skin sober, and never have any inclination towards narcotics, you’ve already won – you naturally have *everything* that drug users seek, so go you!

One further thing I’d like to add concerns harm reduction, which I believe in strongly – to me it’s about living in the world of realism, *not* blind idealism. Realistically, NOT everyone can be cured, NOT everyone can fit into the same ‘clean and sober’ forever box, and this is a truth that the AA/NA module utterly fails to grasp. For me, being fully ‘clean and sober’ would equal death – I spent enough of my life dealing with unchecked mental illnesses to know that I never, ever want to go back to that, and I know that many addicts are just like me. There have been numerous experiments conducted which back up the fact that actually, addicts CAN become functional and healthy without necessarily being ‘clean’ – harm reduction gives power TO the addict, and gives them the tools to live their life in the only way that keeps them mentally together. NA/AA strips all power from the addict, and makes them believe it’s sobriety or death, with nothing imbetween. Given that choice, I would choose death in a heartbeat, and this is no exaggeration. Don’t many of you feel the same, if you’ve found an antidepressant that changed your life? Could you give it up and go back to that hopelessness, if the drug was made illegal?

This is the reality of many addicts, and certainly the ‘functional junkie’ – we’ve found a solution that works; it keeps us alive, it keeps us happy, it keeps us going. This shouldn’t be criminalised or shat upon just because so many people are brainwashed by NA/AA/Russell Brand propaganda. Aaaaand at this point I have far more to say, but I’ll save it for another video!

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"Anyone being faced with the reality that their addiction needs to be conquered and their life will change is going to be scared."


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