Bipolar Depression and helpful tips for coping

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I've suffered from bipolar depression, chronic anxiety, ADD, post traumatic stress disorder, dyslexia and stuttering all of my life since childhood and had to endure special education classes up to the 4th grade. Here I share those issues with you and offer my help and advice for those who endure similar issues in their daily lives. No matter your gender, age or race it plagues millions of people worldwide and millions more don't even know it. No it's time to raise more awareness and self awareness and come together for support and encourage those who need it. Lots of drug abuse and dangerous crimes are committed every day as a result of these mental illnesses, more vlogs of these topics will be coming soon and If you have any further questions please comment below. Please don't forget to click the thumbs up if you like this video and please subscribe for future videos to come


"I am bipolar. My life is different. It has always been different to some extent. I am bipolar. My life is different. It has always been different to some extent."


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Tips & Hints

  • Establish healthy routines

    Doing exercise and establishing healthy routines can help you to relieve stress and level your moods. Try to sleep seven or eight hours...
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

    Drinking alcohol can neutralize the beneficial effects of the medication you have been prescribed. Alcohol can also cause liver damage,...
  • Be careful with the medication

    People who suffer from bipolar disorders have to avoid taking medications that the doctor has not prescribed. Let your psychiatrist, nu...
  • Keep appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist

    If you miss appointments, you tend to lose touch and can start to unwind. It is a good idea for your support team to know what is going...
  • Master your triggers

    This is extremely important. When you learn to identify your triggers you are able to manage your mood cycles when they begin, instead ...
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