Intervention - Christina - Hallucinations of Bugs On Your Skin

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"Hallucinations of Bugs On Your Skin - Here is a small clip from the Season 12, episode 1 episode of A&E's show Intervention, which I highly recommend to anyone interested.

Christina is a recreational user of both Crystal Meth and the prescription pain-killer Norco. She has only been using Crystal Meth for the past 8 months.

Here is an example of the psychological effects she is experiencing as a result of her Meth use.
She is having tactile hallucinations of bugs crawling under and emerging from her skin, a symptom commonly found in users of Cocaine and Methamphetamines. This has the additional side-effect of her physically damaging her skin as a result while under the influence of Meth, which is common among Meth users and is one of the reasons why Meth-users seem to suffer so much dermatological damage.

Side-effects of Meth-use include hallucinations, paranoia, delusions and erratic behavior.

Christina demonstrates all of these symptoms. Meth is rapidly destroying her sanity.

This is a graphic example of what a mere few months of narcotic-use can do to your mind. Take it as a warning.
This video was uploaded with the intent of educating people to the dangers of the use of illegal hard narcotics via allowing them to see real-world examples of what it does to people.

Intervention is (c) A&E"


"It destroys the happiness in your brain so eventually the only way to get that happy feeling again is to get high."


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