A Zen Surfer's Guide to Coping with Stress

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"Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/07/17/Saltwater_Buddha_Jaimal_Yogis

Author and surfer Jamail Yogis shares his methods for coping with stress. Comparing thoughts to ocean waves, he says, ""Our minds are a lot like the sea...you wake up some days and it's rough and stormy.""


Jaimal Yogis discusses Saltwater Buddha, a spiritual memoir and surfer's tale.

Fed up with suburban teenage life, Jaimal Yogis ran off to Hawaii with little more than a copy of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha and enough cash for a surfboard. His journey is a coming-of-age saga that takes him from communes to monasteries and the icy New York shore. - Books Inc

Jaimal Yogis is an award-winning journalist and photographer who spends a good deal of his spare time surfing and traveling the globe. He has a masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University and his work has been published in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Toronto Star, The Surfers Journal, Beliefnet, Tricycle, San Francisco Magazine, and many others. Saltwater Buddha, which has been internationally praised and is the subject of a forthcoming PBS documentary, is his first book, but he is currently working on a second while also traveling on an extensive book tour (along the coasts of course). You can follow Yogis on Facebook and Twitter."


"To me, stress meant being unhappy, whereas I was really enjoying my life. But it was true: there was no work-life balance and I was living a high-stress life."


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Tips & Hints

  • Take a break

    Nobody thinks twice about an athlete taking a break to recover from the amount of energy used up when performing to their physical utmo...
  • Sing!

    You may not think you’re very good at it, but no-one needs to hear! In various studies singing has been proven to reduce blood press...
  • Break your routine

    Shake it up. The creation of routine through the necessity of repeating tasks in our day-to-day lives does have the advantage of simpli...
  • Express your feelings

    Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Talk them through with a friend or write them down. Mentally replay your experiences as if watc...
  • Carpe Diem!

    Live in the here and now instead of the past or the future. Take note of what is happening now instead of being anxious about what mig...
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