Can gambling addiction be cured?

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We have to define what a cure for a gambling addiction is. Can an addicted individual evolve to a place where gambling no longer has the emotional tie, the compulsive and obsessive attraction. Absolutely, without a doubt, it happens all the time. People are able to self-cure. But the reality is that we never really are cured from alcoholism or gambling, because what we have with all these, is something learned. For example, no one is born with a gambling addition, they practiced and then they practiced some more and over the course of time the person has built neurological pathways in their brain that were not there when they were born. So, over the years, these pathways get stronger and stronger and now they've decided not to gamble anymore. Does that mean that that neurological circuitry that they've self-developed goes away? No, it's like a freeway that's always going to be there. We can develop ways from getting from point A to point B anew. We can develop a new freeway to make ourselves feel good. We can develop ways to avoid going down that old path called gambling, but can we ever eliminate it? I don't think so. For more information visit


"One night after not being able to sleep from sheer guilt and fear, I woke my fiancé up early in the morning and told him everything. My fiancé was stunned and shocked by this revelation. He was so disappointed and that made me really want to give up gambl"


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Tips & Hints

  • Ask someone to help you

    Don't be put off by this. You can do it on your own but the support of others makes it easier, especially if you've got serious problem...
  • Limit your access to cash

    About one in five problem gamblers can give it up fairly easily. Most find that for quite a time they can't stop if they have cash in t...
  • Fill the gap

    Problem gamblers may spend 10-20 hours or more a week gambling. They also spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about their gamblin...
  • Friends can help

    There is no doubt that if you have help from your spouse and close friends you are more likely to succeed. Make an effort to explain yo...
  • Relax and look after yourself

    Giving up when you've spent hours each week gambling can make you feel tense and irritable. This can feel even worse when you still go ...
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