The Real History of Illegal Drugs: MDMA

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1229 days ago

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MDMA is a drug with serious potential. Developed in the late 1970s, it's long been considered a party drug, but we've only scratched the surface of talking about its use for therapeutic purposes.

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"My uni work wasn't getting done, and I didn't care, because I knew at the end of the day I'd be getting my pills"


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Tips & Hints

  • Reach out for support

    Don’t try to go it alone. Whatever treatment approach you choose, having a solid support system is essential. The more positive influ...
  • Learn healthy ways to cope with problems

    Even once you’ve recovered from drug addiction, you’ll still have to face the issues that led to your drug problems in the first pl...
  • Look for help

    There are many groups and organizations available to help you overcome your addiction. Once you have set your mind to beating your addi...
  • Seek support from your family

    Your family needs to be involved in your journey to fight your addiction. Only you can accomplish this important task, but you need to ...
  • Regain Power

    Many addictions are undermined because we believe we are powerless to change the situation. This is not true! You do have the power to ...
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