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GREENE COUNTY -- FOX 45 has been following a Clark County family hit hard by the heroin epidemic. April Erion, 21, is in jail after using heroin for the past 6 years. Her mother, Lori, runs a recovery group called 'Families of Addicts.' www.foafamilies.org. FOX 45's Kelly May interviewed April during her first long-term jail incarceration on drug charges, at the Greene County Jail. "I literally woke up like three days later in a hotel room with meth on the table and figured I should probably do it because it was there," said April about her recent relapse. Sixty-six days ago, April was strung out, weighed 85 pounds, and was heavily using drugs, before she was arrested. "How do you feel?" May asked during the interview, "Better, actually, healthy-- the "h" word," April responded. The 21-year-old told FOX 45 she was trying to get clean again, this time home in Dayton after a stint in rehab in Florida, when she got locked up. "When you're so busy being reckless shooting up heroin in parking lots that you leave blood on your arm when you get pulled over for a license plate light, you catch felonies," April said. Watch April Erion's entire jailhouse interview here If convicted in November, April will be a felon, but smiling, she said, "Jail has been an awesome experience and it's really strange to say that." April said she's grateful to now be 66 days clean from drugs. She is also using her time in jail to repair her relationship with her mom Lori, who came along with Fox 45 to be able to see her daughter in person. "I'm sad that this is where it wound up for her," Lori said, "On the other hand she said I'm safe, I'm alive. I'm one of the lucky parents where I know she is alive." "It was never on my list to say I'm 21 and I'm going to have a prison number," April said. April faces 12 months in prison for her possession charge, but said she looks forward to the potential prison sentence. "I think it's going to be a good way to ease into learning how to be normal," she said. At the end of the visit, the Greene County Jail Captain permitted April to hug her mom, who she hasn't had physical contact with in 66 days.


"Working helped him a lot. It kept him busy and occupied. Not seeing people that he used to see was really important"

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