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"All addictions fill an emotional or spiritual void. What is the emotional, spiritual, or mental under current of your nicotine addiction? How and why are you calling this in?
Nicotine distracts us from feeling anxiety and fear around not feeling wanted or loved.
It is a practice of avoiding deeply showing up in life.

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"Quit smoking have completely changed my life. I abused my body big time in many ways for most of my life, but no more."


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Tips & Hints

  • Write a list of the reasons why you want to stop

    Keep the list with you and refer to it when tempted to light up. By write down the reasons why smoking is so harmful, the benefits of s...
  • Set a date for stopping, and stop completely

    Some people prefer the idea of cutting down gradually. However, research has shown that if you smoke fewer cigarettes than usual, you a...
  • Tell everyone that you are giving up smoking

    Friends and family often give support and may help you. Smoking by others in the household makes giving up harder. If appropriate, try ...
  • Don't despair if you fail

    Examine the reasons why you felt it was more difficult at that particular time. It will make you stronger next time. On average, people...
  • Anticipate when you are most likely to want to smoke

    In particular, drinking alcohol is often associated with failing in an attempt to stop smoking. You should consider not drinking much a...
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