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"Will is from New Jersey and describes himself as growing up in a nice area and having a normal childhood. His drug addiction began at 13 years of age, when he started using Vicodin, cocaine, and heroin. After being treated for his addiction 4 times through an inpatient program, and 5-6 times in an outpatient program, Will has finally found something that works. He says the product in the TRM protocol is accurately described by using the word miracle.

Congratulations on persevering to have 6 months of sobriety under your belt, Will. We wish you to have many more months and years of success to come.

I’m Will from New Jersey. I had a, you know, normal childhood I would say. Grew up in a really nice area. Went to school as everyone does and around high school I got introduced to Vicodin, to a lot of heavier things. Cocaine, heroin, things that kind of changed my life permanently.

I guess I’ve been using drugs for 3-4 years, maybe more… most of my life. If you just include heroin and crack, 3-4 years, but if you include weed and other drugs, since I was 13, so almost 10 years. I went to treatment centers where I was inpatient four times and then I did outpatient 5-6 times. I was able to stay off drugs about three months after most of my treatments, however this most recent time it was longer; six months now.

After using the drug for so long your brain perceives it as an award, as it would food or as it would sleep. And over a period of time your subconscious is tricked into believing that that's something that you actually need. The product has been supportive of my sobriety. I take the product and it’s an intramuscular shot, so that's how I'm currently taking it. However, I have taken it in pill form in the past. This product didn’t cause any side effects, aside from the soreness upon receiving the shot.

Yes, I would recommend people use this form of treatment. I don't believe that using the word miracle would be too strong a word, I think that'd be pretty accurate."


"You stick that pipe in your mouth and that’s where you go. Straight to hell."


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