What My Anxiety/Depression Looks Like

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Hey Sloabies,
This video was very hard for me to make, and I've made this same video maybe 5 times over. Each time I go to edit the video, my heart starts to hurt and I fear the worst possible things. This time around, although it was hard to watch the video--I decided that for 2016 I should stop being embarrassed by what I have to go through. I should stop apologizing for this little part of me. It's a problem, but the stigma is worse. I am not here to gain sympathy or even to grab attention. I just wanted to share a part of myself that not very many people see. The worst part is, my parents have never seen me break down like this. I think it will be quite hard for me to explain this video to them. How do I tell them, that although everything is essentially okay, but it's still not okay? If that makes any sense. I guess I have stop trying to make sense of all of my feelings. I can only make sense of the triggers and the steps it takes to feel better and be better. This is a part of me, it's NOT me. I am more than my tears and my attacks.

If you are on this same ship (it's not a boat y'all, there are more people who suffers from this than you think) I send you my love and my many virtual hugs. I might never understand what you are going through, even though we are sailing the same seas--I can try my best to empathize with you.

If you know of someone who is going through something, just be there for them. Lend an ear when they need to talk, lend an arm for hugs and many pats on the backs. A support system is the first thing anyone needs in fighting depression and anxiety.

This might never go away, but at least I am slowly learning how to cope and manage my emotions. I have had many great happy moments in my life, and for that--I am forever grateful.

I love you guys, thank you so much for being another support system to me....


Thumbs Up for Virtual Hugs!!!
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"It's not physical loneliness that troubles us, it's emotional loneliness that hollows us."


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