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do you have a drinking problem or maybe you know someone around you like your parents or friends that drink too much alcohol and would like to know how to help an alcoholic and how to deal with alcoholics? Understand this: alcohol addiction or any other addiction for that matter is a way of masking a deeper problem. This is why I stopped drinking alcohol, because I realized I was only seeking external temporary solutions to deeper psychological issues such as my shyness and inability to express myself. If you keep asking yourself how do i stop drinking and you really want to stop drinking alcohol, watch this video

The effects of alcohol on your long term health are adverse. They age you fast, and they can permanently damage your liver. Also, drinking alcohol and working out, drinking alcohol and building muscles don't really go hand in hand. If you want to maximize your muscle gains, you should minimize the amount of alcohol you drink to a bare minimum, even better stop drinking alcohol all together."


"After university, most people stopped going out drinking four times a week. But I was still young, and I wanted to have fun, and I thought I could handle it"


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Tips & Hints

  • Ask for support

    Tell friends and family that you’re trying to cut down on alcohol - they might be more supportive than you think. But beware, some pe...
  • Keep track of the alcohol units you’re drinking

    The government advises that people should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equi...
  • Avoid visiting bars and clubs with bars

    Instead resort to amusement such as recreational areas, movies, sports events and family events where alcohol isn’t present. That inc...
  • Develop an alcohol-free daily routine

    Wake up earlier, include some exercise into the daily schedule, the potential is endless. Keep in mind that to stop drinking is to make...
  • Spend as little time alone as possible

    For single people this can be a tall order. If you can’t surround yourself with people, get out more and help yourself to generate a ...
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