Art & Eating Disorders: Kristine's Story

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Video Description

"Through songwriting and musical collaboration with her sisters, Kristine has rediscovered her voice--a voice to fight back against an eating disorder, and a voice to center herself in the present moment. This video is part of a five-part series supported by the Emily Program Foundation and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. More info at

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Producer: Sarah Pray
Camera/editing: Eve Daniels
Music: Joey Kenig"


"I had no outstanding family position and felt as if I had no outstanding trait among my peers. I was in competition with them to be thin, smart, popular. This was the beginning of my anorexia."


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Tips & Hints

  • Eat Meals with Family or Friends

    A person who is anxious about eating will feel more comfortable doing so among other people they trust, such as family or friends. This...
  • Keep a Food Diary

    Keep a food diary of what you eat and when you eat it to help you focus on eating regularly. Also record any episodes of going without ...
  • Take Regular Exercise

    Studies have shown exercise to have a positive effect on low self-esteem and poor body image, which are widely cited as being contribut...
  • Be Patient

    Unhealthy relationships with food do not develop overnight, and it can take many months and even years to regain full control over your...
  • Eat Healthy Foods

    The types of foods we eat are important. We all like to indulge in our favourite foods every once in a while, but we should also eat as...
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