Self Reflection Vlog: Kicking Insecurity in the FACE

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"Believe it or not, I have a past of being a mountain of insecurity and the on-goings of my hectic schedule last week made me realize that I have learned how to kick that ish in the face.

I attempted film as much as I could during all of my errands but this whole ""vlogging my life"" thing is still something I have a hard time remembering to do haha.

As I mention later in the video, one of my more recent insecurities is comparing myself to other YouTubers. YouTubers my size are generally younger than me while YouTubers my age have been doing this for almost 10 years and have millions of people watching them. I always psych myself out about it until I remember the vlogbrothers.

Those two 34ish year old brothers have been at this for 8 or 9 years, meaning that were my age when they started and that always makes me feel so much better. So with that in mind, todays vlog style pays homage to my nerdfighter side. DFTBA!

*Ahem* I mean, stay awesome ^-^


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Life of Riley - Kevin Macleod"


"I just want to stop analyzing myself every time I pass a mirror and studying and comparing every woman I see to myself and be happy with me as I am."


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