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"The number one tool that we have in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse today is education. Too often, people begin down the dark and deadly path of substance abuse because they don’t know the facts. They hear their “friends” talk about what a great time they had at a party where they got drunk or high, and they want to join in the “fun”. But what they often don’t realize is that good time that they are looking for can quickly turn into a nightmare of addiction. By showing the facts about drugs and alcohol, we at A Forever Recovery strive to promote and encourage education about substance abuse and to let them know that, with professional help from a rehabilitation center and effective treatment programs, there is still hope, no matter how far down the slippery slope of addiction a person has fallen.

This informational graphic presentation focuses on Methamphetamine, or “Meth”, a drug that has become extremely popular in recent years. The effects of this drug are some of the worst that have been witnessed, from personal health and wellbeing to social decay. Methamphetamine was first developed to keep soldiers awake during battle when at war. However, it quickly became evident that this substance had some terrible side effects, and its use by military personnel was soon discontinued. New markets for various forms of Methamphetamine drugs popped up quickly, from weight loss to ADHD medication, and even became a trendy club drug.

The effects of Methamphetamine on a user’s life are widespread. Brain damage that causes memory loss begins almost immediately, and with increased use, the individual begins to experience delusions and hallucinations, mixed with paranoia and anger. This is a very volatile mixture of emotions and psychological effects. Constant itching causes the user to persistently scratch at their skin, which leaves open sores and lesions all over their body. And then there’s “Meth Mouth”, a rotting and decay of the teeth and gums, often a telltale sign of Methamphetamine abuse.

Among young users, Meth is being used and abused at much higher rates than cocaine or heroin, since it is cheaper to purchase, takes a smaller dose, and lasts much longer. The reason that it is so cheap has to do with the method of production. A lot of the methamphetamine being manufactured and distributed in the US is produced in bathrooms and basements using mostly household chemicals, and comes in a form known to users as “Crystal Meth”. Only one chemical used to make Crystal Meth, pseudoephedrine, is controlled by government regulations. In many states, the amount of pseudoephedrine, an active ingredient in cold and allergy medicine, that a person can legally purchase in a months time is not enough to produce a batch of Crystal Meth. This has been a partial cause of the decline of Meth labs in America.

But the fight is far from over. There are still millions of people using Crystal Meth and other rugs that need professional help today. If you or someone you know is suffering with addiction in their lives, reach out. Know the facts, offer support, and please don’t hesitate to find a treatment center. Call now. Tomorrow might be too late.

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