Montana of 300 Speaks On His Mother's Crack Cocaine Addiction

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" - When you think about a Chicago artists in this day and age, one may assume said artist is heavily into the street life. With the surplus of rappers coming out of the area who glorify drugs and murder it's not surprising, but Montana of 300 defied those odds (for the most part), and it's all thanks to his mother.

Montana of 300 grew up in several different Illinois cities, and during that time he watched his mother hustle as a way to provide for her family and feed her drug addiction. Montana's mother was addicted to crack cocaine for years, which is the reason why the Chicago artist has never sold it. Unfortunately however, she eventually moved on to heroin, a habit Montana became aware of after noticing his mother's skin wasn't ""as smooth or as bright"" as it once was.

Watch as Montana of 300 recounts his unfortunate pass and speaks on his current gun case in our latest exclusive."


"The drugs have broken down my mind, and my body's ability to regulate my emotions, so when I crash, I crash HARD and I want to die. So, are those few hours of pleasure worth the consequences? Not really."


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