How to Deal with Anxiety attacks & Depression

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"Take the Ultimate Self-Discovery Questionnaire Valuetainment Episode #132- Have you ever dealt with anxiety and didn't even know it was happening to you? All entrepreneurs need to learn How Entrepreneurs Deal with Anxiety & Depression.

Book recommendations:

Anxiety & Panic Relief by Jaydon Taylor

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent

My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel

Time Stamps:

2:00 Experiencing panic and anxiety attacks in youth, career and as an entrepreneur

7:23 What President Lincoln said about anxiety attacks.

8:45 The difference between being depressed and bitter & being anxious and having panic attacks.

11:50 The symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety disorder

14:25 How to fight anxiety

20:28 How to stop anxiety from becoming panic attacks

21:54 How to overcome guilt

25:57 9 points on harnessing the power to change

28:00 Recap on the message

29:03 3 Book recommendations (links below)

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"At the root of my anxiety was a lot of fear because of unresolved issues from my past so i had to address them."


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Tips & Hints

  • Remember: There is no miracle cure

    The best way to help yourself is not to spend every day trying to rid yourself of how you are feeling, but to be willing to work with t...
  • Enjoy nature

    Step outside and take a walk, go for a bike ride or a swim. Try not to sit around indulging in self-pity at the way you are feeling. Ge...
  • The importance of exercise

    Exercise is also one of the best physical stress-reducing techniques available. Exercise not only improves your mental and physical hea...
  • Breathing is the key

    Like all 'well-oiled machines' the human body requires fuel to function and this is supplied to us in two forms: food and air. The lung...
  • What does sitting do to your internal organs and anxiety levels?

    The sitting position compresses the torso and the organs below the diaphragm are pushed upwards towards the chest cavity restricting th...
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