Should I go to Rehab - 10 Reasons to go to Alcohol Rehabilitaion

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"How to help an alcoholic and should I go to rehab - 10 Reasons why someone should Go to Rehab
Alcohol Rehab Centers and what they are all about - Alcohol Rehabilitation options

10 Reasons to Go to Rehabilitation

Going from living with an alcoholic, to getting there husband, wife, son, daughter back etc. The amount of times I've heard, I just what my son back. My husband chooses drink, over me and the kids. There is no real answer, you just have to get through to that person, that this can't continue.

Rehab does work, i have seen it happen in front of my eyes.

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When I was in rehab the other residents' family members, would sometimes comment to me (when there siblings weren't around), wow what's happened, honestly never thought this would happen in a million years, ha. The amount of times!!.They cannot believe the changes they have seen, (written them off, as they thought it was not possible for them to change!!) for an alcoholic to change.

There's also the option of doing your own, home detox.

This has been achieved by many people, doing it this way, as we speak, we are putting together a program, for a home detox plan, (free on You Tube).

How to help an alcoholic and should I go to rehab - 10 Reasons why someone should Go to Rehab

Trust me there is hope!!

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"Drinking and college go together like “love and marriage”—right? Wrong!"


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Tips & Hints

  • Ask for support

    Tell friends and family that you’re trying to cut down on alcohol - they might be more supportive than you think. But beware, some pe...
  • Keep track of the alcohol units you’re drinking

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  • Avoid visiting bars and clubs with bars

    Instead resort to amusement such as recreational areas, movies, sports events and family events where alcohol isn’t present. That inc...
  • Develop an alcohol-free daily routine

    Wake up earlier, include some exercise into the daily schedule, the potential is endless. Keep in mind that to stop drinking is to make...
  • Spend as little time alone as possible

    For single people this can be a tall order. If you can’t surround yourself with people, get out more and help yourself to generate a ...
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