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Life can make us very angry. How to deal with anger has become one of the leading questions for many people. Should you just repress and bottle up that anger or should you channel the anger you have and use it in a productive manner? You guessed it right. Anger management techniques and controlling your anger come in many shapes and forms, but in my experience nothing comes close to using and releasing anger at the gym to lift heavier weights and set new personal records at the gym. Anger is a negative energy that can be channeled into positive energy. If you have ever been angry, you know that it is a powerful source of energy and if used productively, can get many things done.
We live in a world and society where we are taught to repress our feelings and emotions to keep things moving along. One of the most common repressed emotions is anger. Think about it, you wait in traffic for 2 hours, you get yelled on by your boss, you get bullied in school, you get made fun of by your friends, and you are not supposed to be angry? Of course you will be angry, but If you display your anger you will be looked at as an uncivilized human being, when in reality anger is one of the most primal emotions that we have developed in our human evolution.
But we also don’t want to release our anger on people we love, so we have to learn anger management strategies to control our anger, but instead of controlling the anger, why not have an outlet to release the anger so you can be happier, more peaceful and have a calm and serene existence and a sense of well-being. I recommend taking up martial arts because you get to release all your anger through intense physical exercise that lets you act in aggressive manner through fighting, yelling, screaming, and getting in touch with your primal instincts. Other ways can be through lifting weights at the gym and giving it your all during the lifts through expressing all the raw emotion that comes through you in the form of grunting, yelling, screaming, and shaking your body.
If you are angry with your job and you feel sick, sad, and depressed because of the way you get treated at your job, and the way the system is set up makes you angry, don’t repress all that anger, instead take it out at the gym or in your sport to kick some serious ass
Use the gym as an outlet, listen to angry music. I listen to Eminem when I’m angry and he pumps me up like crazy. Anger is always better than depression and self-pity. I hope you enjoyed my video on how to control anger. Go to the gym, or go play a sport, or go and take up marital arts and release all your anger so you can be happy and pleasant to be around. Continue to be stronger and more badass version of yourself."


"People use anger as a form of protection. In ignorance (ignorance of one's real Self), one's protection is through anger."


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