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Addiction to Marijuana – Is marijuana addictive?

Perhaps what you are really asking is do I have a marijuana addiction ? The answer for me was yes. In alcoholics anonymous, he only one who can truly answered the question is the person who feels that they have a problem with alcohol. I feel the same approach is applicable to marijuana addiction.

My major symptom was the need to get stoned every day to relieve chronic anxiety which I felt was overwhelming–and we’d addiction was a sure and quick fix. If your objective is to get wasted, not to be social with friends, I would say marijuana addiction probably is your problem.

I have not had a hit in over 30 years–I was able to stop by going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. However, 30 years ago the old-timers in AAA would go into a fit if you mentioned marijuana addiction. So, I kept it to myself for the most part. Today, most people and in AA see alcohol and marijuana to be pretty much the same thing. Marijuana addiction and alcoholism just involve two different substances to numb our feelings.

What types of marijuana addiction treatment are available?

I would also recommend long-term psychotherapy as part of the treatment. I would recommend that therapy over 30 day recovery program for marijuana addiction. However, for certain other type drugs like heroin some type of lockdown facility maybe necessary.
I, personally, only went to therapy and AA meetings, I never went into a recovery or treatment center.

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"Anyone being faced with the reality that their addiction needs to be conquered and their life will change is going to be scared."


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